Makeup Essentials - Do You Have These Makeup Must-Haves?!

I've been thinking about how many different tips and tricks that I have floating around in my brain and how there's only so much info I can share in 1, 2 or even 3 appointments together so I want to start sharing more of my favorites here! I was starting this blog when I ran across Lori Hogg's Mary Kay favorites. She did such a great job, that I just had to share it! These are a few of the ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES for Makeup. -❤️Cleansing Clothes & Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover! All women need these two BEST friends. Gentle eye makeup remover paired up with a cloth to remove ALL TRACES of makeup! See how quick you see results with your skin care when these two do their magic. -❤️MK FINISHING SPRAY!

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