• Alyssa Williamson

Skincare 101: What Your Skincare Routine Should Look Like

Cleanse & Moisturize

  • Whether your skin is oily or dry, you should always cleanse & moisturize every morning & evening

  • Morning: to rehydrate your skin and clear away dead skin cells & oil from sleeping

  • Evening: To remove makeup & to clear away all the contaminants on your skin

  • Moisturize: this helps maintain skin health, oily skin needs a moisturizer designed for oil-prone skin

Protect & Correct

  • SPF & Anti-Aging

  • Protect from the sun's damage, if you aren't protecting you will be losing ground to correct

  • Correct: Vitamins A, C, E & Peptides for tone, brightness and younger, plumper skin

The Mary Kay Miracle Set

  • 11 age-fighting benefits, 19 patents worldwide, 10 years in development

  • Cleanser: 3 in 1, it cleanses, tones & exfoliates

  • Moisturizer: Reduces fine lines & wrinkles, hydrates up to 10 hours

  • Day Solution: SPF 35, protects skin from damage and reduces lines & wrinkles

  • Night Solution: Corrects skin while you are sleeping, anti-aging powerhouse


  • Microdermabrasion: Removes the layer of dead skin cells for brighter tone, reduced lines & wrinkles and for better absorption of skincare

  • Charcoal Mask: Deep cleansing treatment that removes impurities from the skin & excellent for oily or acne prone skin; antibacterial

  • Vitamin C: Improves skin tone, complexion and evens helps with collagen production

  • Tone Correcting Serum: Evens out the skin tone, reducing dark spots and removing post-acne redness/pigmentation


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