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Makeup Essentials - Do You Have These Makeup Must-Haves?!

I've been thinking about how many different tips and tricks that I have floating around in my brain and how there's only so much info I can share in 1, 2 or even 3 appointments together so I want to start sharing more of my favorites here! I was starting this blog when I ran across Lori Hogg's Mary Kay favorites. She did such a great job, that I just had to share it!

These are a few of the ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES for Makeup.

-❤️Cleansing Clothes & Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover! All women need these two BEST friends. Gentle eye makeup remover paired up with a cloth to remove ALL TRACES of makeup! See how quick you see results with your skin care when these two do their magic.

-❤️MK FINISHING SPRAY!! Not ONLY can you set your makeup but you can also use this Spray on Clean, Dry skin to control body sweat! THAT’S RIGHT!! Spray directly on clean dry skin (ex. Underarm), allow product to dry & apply deodorant over dry skin! No more sweaty pitts!!! MEN—feel free to spray on your chest and back area after a shower! Do NOT moisturize these areas!

-❤️CC CREAM SPF 15!! The most FLEXIBLE Foundation or Foundation Base you will EVER OWN! Enough coverage to wear alone or soft enough to wear as a facial concealer under your foundation! Be ready for youthful, healthy skin!

-❤️’Tis the Time for CREAM SHADOWS!!! GREAT buy for the Summer time! Water resistant and crease proof. This product makes SURE your eyeshadow and eyeliner stay ALLL DAY LONG!!! Rain, Sweat or shine, the MK Cream Shadows are formulated to twist the weather and keep your shadows and liners as still as possible!!

-❤️❤️❤️Last but NOT LEAST! Timewise Foundation!!! Luminous or Matte, I say choose BOTH! Yesterday, you may have been more dry than you are today, tomorrow, you might be more oily. Mix the same color of each foundation 50-50 on the back of your hand. Just a small amount and mix together. The Matte will go where it needs to and same as the Luminious! Amazing finish.

I agree with all of these so just had to post her list but had to add just one more:

-❤️ FOUNDATION PRIMER SPF 15! This feels so soft and silky, yet it is silica based (a mineral that absorbs oil and shine) so it creates a lovely matte finish while filling in the imperfections of your skin to create a flawless canvas for your makeup. It's also SPF 15 and acts as a barrier to protect your skin/pores from external pollutants.

Simple Dash Out the Door Look

CC CREAM + Ultimate Mascara

Flawless Finish

CC Cream as a base + TimeWise Foundation (I mix the Matte and Luminous as I'm oily skinned but still prefer a luminous finish)

Lash Primer + Intensity Mascara

For more information on Lori Hogg, check out her website at: https://www.lorihogg.com/


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