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Summer Savers - Sunblock & After Sun Gel

Last weekend I went for my first swim in the river this year and it was exhilarating! Cold, yet refreshing from the summer heat. As is inevitable, although I applied sun block earlier I got a slight burn from first hiking, then swimming then sun bathing (to warm up).

After Sun Replenishing Gel

What I love about Mary Kay's After Sun Replenishing Gel is that not only does it cool and heal the burn, it has a very light formula that dries quickly and easily with no sticky residue.

I love Aloe Vera and the plant, but I love that this gel uses a mixture of botanicals to help with the healing process. I have a tendency to burn the part on the top of my head and this gel doesn't leave my scalp and hair sticky!

In additional, it helps burns heal faster. Another tip I received from a customer is to leave it in the fridge, so that it is extra cooling and refreshing on a burn.

Sun Protection should be a daily part of your routine and with Mary Kay, we make it easy to include in your daily skincare routine. You can also add it in with your makeup, with the sun protection layers to provide greater protection - it does not add together.

I absolutely ADORE our Miracle Set 3D, which includes the Age Minimize Day Cream, as well as the our Foundation Primer and CC Cream.

Check out the links below to find the right suncare products for you. Or even better, message me so that I can help you try them first!

Sun Protection in Skin Care

Replenishing After Sun Gel

Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Day Cream SPF 30

Age Minimize Day Cream SPF 50

TimeWise Repair SPF 30

MK Men Facial Hydrator SPF 30

Sun Care Lip Protector SPF 15

Sun Protection in Makeup

Foundation Primer SPF 15

CC Cream SPF 15

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