• Alyssa Williamson

What is a Mary Kay facial? What Does The Beauty Experience Involve?

You may have recently been invited to a Mary Kay beauty experience, or facial, and are curious what you are getting into.

There are a lot of misconceptions out there so I want to clarify what you should expect at your appointment, either that a friend is hosting, or that you are the host of.

How Does Mary Kay Work?

Mary Kay is a direct sales company, meaning that our sales force are all independent contractors and we work remotely; we have no retail locations.

Our focus is on creating relationships with our guests and customers, and either meet you at your home, our home studio, or possibly even a Mary Kay studio. This enables us to meet you in comfort (or even come to you so that you don’t have to travel).

I love this because as business owner of multiple businesses, and as a consumer, I know that the less overhead there is, the more affordable the products are. Mary Kay’s products are price competitive because they are direct from the manufacturing plant to the sales person (me!).

What Happens at a Mary Kay Beauty Experience?

The intention is that your beauty experienced is customized to you, based on your skincare needs (and also on the facial experience you are receiving).

You are your guests should answer something along the lines of these questions:

1) would you consider your skin combo/oily or normal/dry?

2) Is there anything you would like to change about your skin?

3) are you sensitive to any ingredients?

4) have you ever tried Mary Kay products before?

5) what is your age range?

At your appointment, your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant will have products ready for every guest that has confirmed and answered these questions.

As your beauty consultant, I love this part because I get to talk to you and your guests ahead of time. It starts a conversation where I can understand what you would like to get out of this experience, what you would like to learn and what solutions we can explore for your needs.

The beauty experience itself is a hands-on learning experience. It’s a try-before-you-buy & have fun girl time experience where you learn how to apply the products, get to test how they feel, learn the best skincare habits and get to just hang out with your girl friends (or get a private 1-on-1 consultation).

I understand that if this isn’t explained clearly in the beginning, expectations can be different than what you receive. My intention is to have clear communication so you know what to expect, are excited and look forward to the chance to get together with friends.

Although this service is free, there is NO EXPECTATION that you have to buy the products. Mary Kay the company, and your beauty consultant, only want to have happy customers. That means that only guests who love the products will actually buy them.

Unfortunately, you may have had other experiences (or have heard other experiences) than this. As with every industry, there are less positive experiences. I hope that this helps share what to expect and I would love to answer any questions you may have.

I offer in-person and virtual consultations and beauty experiences at my home studio, or depending on driving distance can also come to you. Many clients ask for recommendations or samples to try something new and I am happy to provide that when possible as well. Contact me today for a beauty experience or samples, or visit my online Mary Kay store.

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