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Why (or Why Not) Start a Mary Kay Business?

In times like these, many people are looking for something to make some extra money as a side hustle or even just casually (a side casual?)?

Mary Kay is definitely an option to explore if you want to find a business that you can start making some extra money at from home.

First off, who should not sell Mary Kay?

Mary Kay, as with any business is not for everyone so here are some easy ways to decide if it is not for you.

If you have no interest in skincare, or in showing customers how to use the products and care for their skin, then this really isn’t for you. Mary Kay products are a vehicle to empower women. If you don't like skincare, it can be hard (and inauthentic) to be sharing them. We are also about customer relationships, and being of value and service to our customers. If you don’t want to spend time with people and help them as their Beauty Consultant, you really would be doing them a disservice.

To sell any product, whether Mary Kay or otherwise, you should believe in and even love your products. I fell in love with the skincare, which made me excited to share it with everyone because I had such amazing results (and confidence) from it!

You don’t want to get to know your customers. (Does this sound like a negative that isn’t really a negative? Sorry, but it’s true). Being in business, any business, means building meaningful relationships with your customers (unless you are in a volume business or churn and burn model…).

I found that my Mary Kay ‘business time’ was actually my chance in the day to make connections and feel like I was making a difference in others’ lives. Mary Kay made me a better business person in my other businesses because I learned how to build meaningful connections.

Why consider Mary Kay as a business for you?

Mary Kay is a direct sales business, meaning we sell products in a person-to-person model, with no fixed retail location. There is less overhead, we are mobile and more flexible to connect with our customers. This is NOT a pyramid scheme where you are dependent on other people signing up in order to make income. This means it is simple and direct, no complicated income process that is difficult to understand. One company I know has a plan that actually makes it harder to make the income they promise!

You can make money multiple ways.

  1. The most basic way is to sell product and make retail income. We purchase our products from the company at wholesale prices and sell them at retail prices, therefore making a profit. Some women just want to do this and that is perfectly ok.

  2. Help other women build their own Mary Kay business. As a beauty consultant, you can recruit and help other women build their own business as well. This is more of a mentorship capacity, and the company compensates you for helping her in her business as well.

  3. Move into leadership and earn money as a Sales Director where you are compensated at a manager level, while still earning income from your customers as well.

  4. Earn a ‘free’ career car. When you earn the use of a brand-new car, the company leases it for you and pays for the lease. Bye bye car payments!

  5. Earn rewards from sales. Each quarter, there are prizes to be earned based on your sales that quarter. I’ve earned designer purses, picked out gift certificates, household items and more!

The company cares. Mary Kay corporate truly cares and does their best to do the right thing. I know that our products are always the best quality they can be, with the best research, and made with integrity. There are many times in the past when Mary Kay has gone above and beyond what was required, whether pulling products or producing a new line to meet new research, and more.

Inventory is optional. You are an independent business person and YOU get to choose what your business looks like. Do you want to have inventory on-hand for on the spot delivery, or do you want to ship it straight from the company when a customer places an order. I’ve found it way more valuable, cost-effective and time saving to have product on hand for customers, but it isn’t a requirement.

There is FREE training that would cost thousands of dollars with a business coach! I’ve been in business over 14 years and run 3 successful businesses (including my Mary Kay business) and the training and mentoring I have received in Mary Kay is worth thousands of dollars! The problem is that because it is free, many new business owners don’t truly understand the value of what they are receiving. I gained so much more confidence, belief, trust in my intuition and income from what I have learned in Mary Kay. If nothing else, that is my suggestion to try it out for a year.

The products. Enough said. The products are amazing!! (At least for me, look at my before & afters. I understand they aren't for everyone so make sure you try them first.) Suffering from acne since I was in 4th grade, I have already been afraid of my skin. To wake up and feel confident and pretty is not superficial - it's empowering! I love that I still get mistaken for being in my 20s and actually still look similar to my senior high school photos. There are products for all skin types and to address many different skin concerns. I'll share m favorite products in an upcoming post.

It's so much more than skincare and makeup. Mary Kay is really about living the best version of yourself, trusting yourself, being confident, making friends and enriching other women's lives. It's not your grandma's makeup any more and it's more about the culture, with the products as a vehicle to make the world a better place. I know, cheesy, but what if it is true? What if it could change your life for the better?

Even if you feel shy, don't know enough people, aren't confident...all those are perfect reasons to try if you want to learn new skills and break out of your shell. If you decide it's not for you then you just stop - no pressure and no stress.

Want to learn more about our products or even the business? We can schedule a virtual facial/send samples or meet in person for a private (or party) consultation! Message me.

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