Customized Skincare

My greatest joy is teaching women skincare tips and techniques that will last the rest of their lives. While our Mary Kay products are absolutely amazing (and backed by 2 separate 100% guarantees!!!), without knowing the correct way to treat your skin, many women may not be getting the full benefit of the skincare you are using.


A flawless finish starts and ends with skincare. Without great skin, makeup is just trying to cover up imperfections. I personally feel that skincare is the most important part of any routine. Skin is the largest organ in your body and needs to be treated with respect, as every area of your body does affect your health. Skin is your barrier to the rest of the world.


I have specialized solutions for:


  • Anti-aging skincare / Advanced skincare

  • Acne skincare

  • Dry skincare

  • Men’s skincare

  • Botanical skincare


Acne Skincare

Acne skincare is an area close to my heart, because I have suffered from it for more than 20 years. I focus on treating correct skincare techniques, explaining why they work and offer suggestions based on my experiences. We have a Clear Proof Acne line, as well as products that can help with acne scarring, prevent breakouts, and reduce post-acne redness or pigmentation

Personalized Makeup

Makeup is best when it looks natural (there are exceptions for stage, events, photo shoots and TV), whether a light coverage or a full coverage. I discover what my customers are most interested in learning, and help them understand how those techniques best suit their own face and style.


  • Contouring / Highlighting

  • Smokey Eyes

  • Lips & Lashes

  • Day / Night Looks

  • Dash out the door makeover

  • Special Event makeovers


Remember that that most flawless makeup starts with a fantastic skincare routine (even if it is as basic as just cleanser and moisturizer).